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PLC5-ControlLogix Conversion
Length: 36 Hours

Course Number: PLC-A228
Maximum Participants: 10 Students

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Software Used: RSLogix 5, RSLogix 5000, and RSLinx Rockwell Software products. This class will be taught using Windows XP Professional.
Course Description: This course is for those who already have a working knowledge of the PLC5 system, and need to understand the differences between the PLC5 and ControlLogix. This course will also cover how to convert a PLC5 project into a ControlLogix project.
Prerequisites: Students who attend this class must have a working knowledge of the PLC5 system, and be comfortable working in a windows environment.
Course Objectives:
At the end of this course, students will:
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the differences between the PLC5, and ControlLogix.
  • They will be able to convert a project, and modify or add logic to an existing program.
  • Students will also be able to navigate through logic using the logic browser, and cross-referencing tools for the purpose of troubleshooting equipment.
  • Outline:
    • Introduction and Pre-Test
    • Overview of the fundamental differences between the PLC5 and ControlLogix
    • ControlLogix Hardware (includes wiring)
      • Input Module
      • Output Module
      • Power Supply
      • Processor
    • Communications
      • Ethernet (IP Addressing, Ping, and Web Server (on board the Ethernet Module))
      • DF1 (using a null-modem cable to connect the PC directly to the Processor)
    • Tags
      • Program Tags (Local to the program they reside in)
      • Controller Tags (Global)
    • Tasks
      • Continuous (normal scan to PLC5) vs. Periodic (similar to the STI in PLC5)
      • Scheduling programs within a Task (each program simulates an entire virtual PL5 with it's own main routine, sub routines, and program tag database)
    • I/O Configuration
      • Local I/O
      • Remote I/O
    • Creating tags to use in Logic (a structure was already set up in the PLC5, but in ControlLogix, variables must be declared)
    • The Instruction Set (This is very similar to the PLC5)
      • Basic Instructions (XIO, XIC, OTE)
      • Timer and Counter Instructions
      • Analog instructions (and configuration of the analog module)
    • User Defined Data Types (The PLC5 did not have this feature, but it can be used to organize data, and to make tags name more user-friendly)
    • Converting a project from PLC5 or SLC to ControlLogix
    • Troubleshooting
      • Trending
      • Cross Referencing (program navigation)

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