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Entry Level Controls and Programming
Length: 36 Hours

Course Number: PLC-A261
Maximum Participants: 10 Students

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Software Used: Windows 7 Professional, Studio/RSLogix 5000
Course Description: This course is for entry-level participants who need to learn the fundamentals of Electricity, Electrical Safety, and PLC Hardware. Students will also become familiar with how to communicate with a ControlLogix processor, and understand simple ladder logic.
Prerequisites: Students must be comfortable operating in a windowing environment. This is an entry-level course, so know previous knowledge of PLC programming is required.
Course Objectives:
  • Demonstrate an understanding of OHMS Law
  • Calculate resistance in Series and Parallel Circuits
  • Be safe with Electricity
  • Communicate with a PLC
  • Troubleshoot simple PLC logic
  • Outline:
    • Introduction and Pre-Test
    • Voltatge
      • Alternating Current
      • Direct Current
      • Power Generation
      • Rectification
    • Ohms Law
      • Calculate resistance in a simple circuit
      • Resistance in Series circuits
      • Parallel Circuits
      • Complex Circuits
    • Magnetism and Inductance
      • Relays and contacts
      • Motor Starters
    • Electrical Safety
    • PLC Hardware
      • Input and Output modules (I/O)
      • Power Supply and Chassis
      • Processor and Status Indicators
    • PLC Communication
    • PLC Troubleshooting

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