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Industrial Electronics and Prototyping
Length: 32 Hours

Course Number: ELE-B110
Maximum Participants: 10 Students

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Course Description: This course is designed for those needing training in basic electronics design and repair. Sending modules off for simple repairs can be costly for both the repair and downtime. Students who attend this class will also learn cost effective methods for simple equipment changes such as delaying events, adding indicator lights, or options for controlling equipment remotely.
Prerequisites: Students who attending this class should have a basic understanding of simple electrical circuits.
Course Objectives:
  • Understand basic electronic hardware
  • Design a basic electrical circuit
  • Design a transistor controlled circuit
  • Design a time-delayed circuit
  • Solder your circuit to a PC Board
  • Use relays to control high-current loads
  • Troubleshoot an electronic circuit
  • Outline:
  • Introduction and Pre-Test
  • Hardware
    • Utilize Switches, LEDs, and Pushbuttons
    • Understand Resistors, Diodes, and Transistors
    • State the purpose of Capacitors and Inductors
    • Learn applications for using Relays
    • Use a multimeter to find voltage, current and resistance
  • Electronics Theory and Calculations
    • Discuss sources of AC vs. DC
    • Calculate sources in series and parallel
    • Calculate resistance in Series and parallel
    • Use Ohm's law to calculate the current of a circuit
    • Calculate the power of a circuit (in Watts)
    Prototyping (Hands-On)
    • Design a simple circuit on a breadboard
    • Use a transistor to control an LED
    • Use a capacitor to delay an event
    • Set up a Relay to control a high current load
    • Troubleshooting an electronic circuit
    • Practice basic soldering
    • Solder the breadboard project onto a pc board
  • Post Test and Evaluations
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