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Allen-Bradley PLC 5 Level 2
(Advanced Communication) with RSLogix 5

Length: 36 Hours

Course Number: PLC-A226
Maximum Participants: 10 Students

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Software Used: RSLogix 5 with RSLinx Communications Server
Course Description: Students who already have some experience with the PLC-5 will greatly benefit from this course. This course will also help students to avoid many common mistakes that novice programmers make. They will learn how to plan a project for ease of troubleshooting and manipulation later on. Those who attend this course will also learn how to take advantage of features such as Advanced Diagnostics, Trending, and the Custom Data Monitor which will help the troubleshooter quickly locate problems once the project is running in the PLC.
Prerequisites: Allen-Bradley PLC5 Level 1 (PLC-A223) and working knowledge of Microsoft Windows operating environment
Course Objectives:
At the completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • Plan and create projects to allow for easy troubleshooting
  • Access and utilize Advanced Diagnostics, Trending and Custom Data Monitor modules
  • Demonstrate advanced troubleshooting techniques
  • Demonstrate the ability to locate and repair ladder logic program faults
  • Access and utilize messaging within a project
  • Demonstrate the ability to properly document a project allowing for simplified troubleshooting
  • Demonstrate an understanding of I/O configuration, variable, block transfers and indirect addressing
  • Outline:
  • Review of Level 1 course
  • Planning the project
  • Communication
  • Create a project
  • I/O configuration
  • Structure the project
  • Declare variables
  • Block transfers
  • Programming logic
  • Document the project
  • Messaging
  • Indirect addressing
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