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Linux Administration Level 2

Length: 32 Hours

Course Number: ITC-A115
Maximum Participants: 5 Students

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Software Used: Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Fedora Linux
Course Description: This is a basic course that will teach students how to set up various services and daemons that are commonly run on a RedHat Enterprise Linux server. These packages include: HTTP, MySQL, DHCP, NFS, and SMB.
Prerequisites: This course requires that students have a basic understanding of the Linux file system, and how to navigate through a file system using the command line.
  • Review of the level 1 course
  • Administer Users and Groups
  • Apache Web Server
    • Starting as a service
    • Virtual hosting for multiple sites
  • VSFTP (FTP Server)
    • Starting as a service
    • Configuring Passive Ports
    • Chrooting users (keeping them in their home directory)
  • POSTFIX (Mail Server)
    • Starting as a service
    • Setting the Domain and security options
    • Configuring the 'mydestination' variable
  • WebMin (Web-based administration)
    • Installng Webmin
    • Configuring SSL
    • Accessing Webmin
    • Administering MySQL
  • Administering MySQL (database)

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