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IO Networks
Length: 36 Hours

Course Number: PLC-N110
Maximum Participants: 10 Students

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Software Used: RSLogix or AI software with your choice of PLC-5, SLC-500, or ControlLogix systems
Course Description: There are many types of I/O Networks such as Devicenet, Controlnet, Ethernet, and Remote I/O. If these types of networks are being used in your plant, your students will receive a great benefit from this course. Real world examples will show these participants how to troubleshoot problems in these networks. Those who attend will also learn how to set up communication between the PLC and field devices eliminating many common erros technicians make during initial setup.
Prerequisites: Students who take this course should be comfortable working in a windows-based environment, and working with PLC ladder logic.
Getting Started
  • Review of local chassis components
  • Connecting a PC to the PLC
  • Configuring RSLinx drivers
  • Going Online with a PLC

    Remote IO
  • Configure a chassis
  • Wire and terminate the network
  • Set up the PLC to scan the network
  • Locate field devices in the data table
  • Troubleshooting Remote I/O

  • Configure a field device
  • Recognize cabling limitations
  • Configure the DeviceNet scanlist
  • Set up the PLC program to connect to the DeviceNet
  • Locate field devices in the Data Table
  • Utilize field devices in logic

  • Ethernet/IP addressing
  • Network Toplogy
  • Utilize the BootP utility to set up a new device
  • Configure a connection from the PLC to the field device
  • Locate field devices in the data table
  • Troubleshooting Ethernet/IP

    ControlNet I/O
  • Configure a remote chassis
  • Wire and terminate the network
  • Set up the PLC program for a ControlNet connection
  • Schedule connections with RSNetworx
  • Locate field devices in the data table
  • Troubleshooting ControlNet
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