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Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Level 1
(Maintenance and Troubleshooting) with Studio/RSLogix 5000

Length: 36 Hours

Course Number: PLC-A263
Maximum Participants: 10 Students

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Software Used: Studio 5000 / RSLogix 5000 with Windows 7
Course Description: Real world examples will be used for students to practice troubleshooting problems that occur with field devices as well as with the PLC. Students who attend this course will learn how to set up communication with the processor, go online with the project, and locate an output that will not energize such as a solenoid or relay. They will then learn how to trace the output through the program to determine the root cause of a problem, and find out why the PLC is not calling for the output to energize. During this process, students will learn about instructions in the PLC, and other troubleshooting tools that are available to minimize downtime.
Prerequisites: Students must be comfortable operating in a Microsoft Windows environment
Course Objectives:
At the completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the ControlLogix family of processors
  • Demonstrate the ability to install and set-up ControlLogix hardware
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the RSLogix5000 software by creating and modifying ladder logic programs
  • Demonstrate the ability to set-up and connect the computer to the processor for communications
  • Demonstrate the ability to develop ladder logic circuits, prepare and edit instructions, perform search routines, perform backup and restore routines
  • Demonstrate an understanding of timers and counters
  • Demonstrate how to properly document a project
  • Demonstrate how to work with file structure
  • Demonstrate an ability to troubleshoot hardware and software problems presented in the classroom environment
Monday Morning
  • Introduction -- Presentation of students and pretest
  • I/O modules
  • Power Supply
  • Processor
  • Ethernet Module
  • Ethernet Addressing

Monday Afternoon

  • RSLinx
  • BootP
  • ControlFlash
  • RSLogix
  • I/O Configuration (starting with a new project)
  • Module Properties
  • Aliasing

Tuesday Morning

  • Remote I/O (over Ethernet)
  • Practice Searching
  • Session 3 Lab (2 hours)

Tuesday Afternoon

  • Relay Review
  • Tasks, Programs, and Routines
  • Basic Instructions
  • Permissives
  • Documentation
  • Introduction to Troubleshooting

Wednesday Morning

  • Latching/Unlatching
  • Timers
  • Controller Faults
  • Counters

Wednesday Afternoon

  • Lab (2.5 hours)
  • Analog
  • Compare Statements
  • Trending

Thursday Morning

  • GSV (Get System Value)
  • Forcing
  • Online Editing
  • UDT (User Defined Data Types)

Thursday Afternoon

  • Practice with Plant Projects (1 hour)
  • Lab (3 hours)

Friday Morning

  • Troubleshooting (2 hours)
  • Post Test
  • Evaluations

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