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What information do you provide after the course is complete?
After the course, you will receive reports on the results of the evaluation, improvement in skill level, future courses the students are interested in, and any comments and suggestions from the instructor. Here are examples of these 4 reports:
Test Scores
Course Evaluations
Courses requested by students / suggested by instructor
Comments from the instructor

Where do you hold the training?
Training can be held at your location a local motel or suitable other location. Occasionally ATI will host public workshops at ATI's location in Carmel, Indiana

What if I have people who need trained outside the normal 9-5?
We will be flexible with your schedule -- if you need off shift training, we can do it. If you need weekend training, we can do it.

How many trainees in a class?
ATI class sizes run from 8-12 max

What training equipment does ATI provide?
We have the best training workstations in the business -- our workstations are designed to our specifications and built with industrial components. The PLC workstations are flexible and can be customized with various cards or modules. Each workstation will be an exact match so that every student in class has the same opportunity to use the hardware and software.

What if I am not sure of the skill level of my employees?
ATI can provide pre & post testing. All ATI instructors have the ability to judge the level of the students very early in the training program and adjust the level of the training being provided to match that level of the student. This assures that all students will meet the objectives of the training being delivered.

What do I need to provide for an on-site training class?
You will need a ground-level classroom, or elevator access. The classroom must be at least 28' by 20', and have at least a 6' x 4' whiteboard at the front of the room. We will need three (3) 15 amp circuits or two (2) 20 amp circuits. For a class size of 10 students, you will need to provide six tables and 11 chairs.

How do you tailor your classes to my site specific needs?
A few weeks before the class, the instructor will request a copy of some of the plant programs and schematics on systems that are problem areas for the students. The instructor will base the course around the actual programs running in your own equipment.

What are the qualifications of ATI instructors?
ATI's instructors are unique in the industry. We only hire people with proven experience. An effective instructor must have two key attributes: industrial knowledge and the ability to teach. Many instructors can bring one of these attributes to the party, but that's not good enough -- ATI instructors have both. Our instructors are proven in the classroom -- they handle adverse situations with ease, they are flexible and can tweak the instruction to make it applicable to all students in class, and they are professional, courteous and good classroom managers. ATI instructors have industrial experience -- they have studied and worked with robotics systems, packaging systems, industrial controls, complex assembly lines, and high-speed assembly. They can translate this experience into real world examples and lessons that are used in the classroom.

What if we have a question after the training?
ATI is dedicated to the support of our customers. All ATI instructors are happy to answer questions after the training. All you have to do is email or call ATI and an instructor will be happy to answer your questions, or get you pointed in the right direction.

What type of documentation does ATI provide after the training?
Training and support does not stop when the class ends. After training, students will have access to our technical bulletins, and can sign up to receive technical updates and information via email.

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